Who we are

Since 1999, Orfila Architects has been providing architectural and design services in Gibraltar.
It is a Chartered RIBA Architectural practice. With our collaborative approach, we have an excellent reputation for unlocking the potential of challenging sites and buildings.

Our trademark is providing clients with the best service achievable, not only from a design perspective, but also keeping clients involved in our projects so as to ensure client satisfaction and obtaining client loyalty.

From the initiation of a project to the very end, our philosophy is built around keeping our clients involved, allowing a “hands on” approach for our clients.

At the start of a project, our project team first identifies the specific design requirements and then establishes clear objectives for the project.

As we progress to each stage of the project, clients are presented with design solutions and asked for input and feedback before we proceed to the next project stage.

This process allows us to maintain client involvement throughout the duration of the project and to refine design solutions in each phase so that the project can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Currently, 70% of our projects have been commissioned by previous clients who have benefitted from our working ethos. No matter the size and cost of the project, we believe in finishing each project in a way that exceeds our clients’ expectations while remaining with the budget and time constraints.

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