PossAbilities SEN Support Facility Refurbishment

Architectural Design & Construction
Current Stage:
Completed June 2023

The project consists of the refurbishment and conversion of the former Saint Martin’s School into a Special Educational Needs Support Facility.

The facility will be run by PossAbilities,  Gibraltar’s first independent Special Educational Needs Support Facility providing an intersectional range of facilities and resources for those pending or in receipt of a SEN diagnosis and their families, covering all ages.

The site offered a great deal of options for the use of a SEN Support Facility. As the site was previously occupied as a Special Needs school, there were existing elements in place which could be re-utilized in the proposal. The proposal aimed to take advantage of these elements to create an up-to-date and much needed facility for the Special Needs community in Gibraltar. In addition to this, the site offered an ample amount of vegetation. Trees and plants offered both shading, and a green barrier from the ongoing traffic on either side of the development. This vegetation was also beneficial to the scheme as it creates a naturalistic and comforting area for the users.

In terms of volume and massing, the existing building stayed as it was. The proposed refurbishment is focused around beautifying the external areas, and accommodating the various uses for the building by following the requirements of the facility managers. The scheme was designed to comply with the current regulation and the universal design principles in order to make the building fit for purpose; with specialist rooms being designed by specialists from the UK.