Leisure & Tourism

Eastside Hostel Concept Proposal Version #2

H.M. Government of Gibraltar
Architectural Design
Current Stage:

This is our second conceptual design iteration following on our previous design (#1) for a proposed hostel located on the Eastside of Gibraltar.

The location remains unchanged but the plot orientation was altered. This development lies on a prime site within the threshold between rapidly transforming North District of Devil’s Tower Road and the proposed Eastside Reclamation Project. Due to the location, this development would become a beacon which would be seen by those entering Gibraltar via the new access road (Kingsway) from Spain, and equally along the main thoroughfares driving from north to south of Devil’s Tower Road and Sir Herbert Miles Road.

The design brief remained unchanged with the objective to achieve 342 rooms, all within a developed footprint area of 640sqm, within the allocated plot area of approximately 1835sqm.

The design proposal creates an architecture which aesthetically embraces its prominent location, which through its elegantly proportioned facade and sinuous roof profile announces itself as a landmark structure which acts as a gateway into Gibraltar, and is clearly visible from all the key areas along the north district and eastside.

The facade we have developed aims to create an elegant addition to the evolving streetscape, which is contemporary in nature but timeless through its use of materiality; creating a formal yet playful presence.

The 20 storey structure, does not feel vast in scale in its context, and this comes about from several reasons. Considering it is dwarfed in comparison to the 35 storey Hassans Centenary Terraces directly adjacent to it; we have strived to develop a solution through its facade to ensure that the verticality of the structure is not exaggerated. By forming a series of visually modular and double-storey bevelled treatments around the fenestration, the visual impact and verticality is dramatically reduced. Add to this design strategy, the fact that the top floors are stepped, and employ a unique and playful flowing roofscape, which emulates the waves inspired from its context adjacent to Eastern Beach, our proposal feels sympathetic and part-and parcel of the area.