Leisure & Tourism

Eastside Hostel Concept Proposal Version #1

H.M. Government of Gibraltar
Architectural Design
Current Stage:

This is a conceptual design for a proposed hostel located on the Eastside of Gibraltar.

The location of this development lies within a prime plot and within the threshold between rapidly transforming North District of Devil’s Tower Road and the proposed Eastside Reclamation Project. Due to the location, this development would become a beacon which would be seen by those entering Gibraltar via the new access road (Kingsway) from Spain, and equally along the main thoroughfares driving from north to south of Devil’s Tower Road and Sir Herbert Miles Road.

The design brief set the objective to achieve 342 rooms, all within a developed footprint area of 640sqm, within the allocated plot area of approximately 1835sqm.

This proposal was the first iteration of the conceptual design, which had the building facing North and stood over an existing war bunker, which was respected and sensitively incorporated into the design.