Admiralty House

Crane Trading Ltd.
Architecture, Contract Administrator & Project Management
Current Stage:
Completed Oct. 2006

Admiralty House is a new build property situated within the exclusive beautifully designed grounds at Admiral’s Place, Old Naval Hospital Road.Its location is to the southern side of the site nestling on a plateau overlooking spectacular views of the Straits of Gibraltar.

Orfila Architects were engaged to design the building fromits concept stage right through to its construction up to handover. The project brief was to design a Georgian classical residential house that would furnish all the latest modern-daycommodities whilstrecreating  the elegance and beauty ofan historicalbuilding.The rooms had to be very spacious, airy, and full of natural light.

The site plot was approximately 2500sqm with a proposed developmentgross area of 530sqm.Living space taking up 21% of the overall land allowing usto design 79% of outdoorrecreational space.

It was important to understand theclient’sperceptionto realise his vision.  Attention to the general aesthetic proportions from the inside and outside areasof the building were importantwhen designingthe internal room layouts. All materials were handpicked for their uniquebespoke detailing.The distressing and aging appearance of all finished productsincluding the marble floors and wall embellishment details,helped to createthe character of an old building.

From the quaint drawing room frescoes found on the ceilings to theintricate Wedgewood wall finishes in the dining hall area,all had to go through a meticulous processto achieve the ultimate approval.The elegance of the games roomwith its ornate timber panelling and Corinthian columnswith the added touch of handcrafted embellishments to its coffered ceilingsenriched the space within.

Every corner within every room around the house was carefully studied and thoroughly researched to acquire that special space within the house.

A considerable amount of technical work went into theMechanical and Engineeringdesigns especially to the air conditioning ductworks which had to be installed within a minimum ceiling void tohave adequate headroom within the rooms.The air conditioning outlet grillesmeant that we had to conceal them as they would look out of place within a Georgian house. It was therefore decided to design a ceiling cornice with dentils that would allow air flow.

The outdoor living space was also a fundamental element within the development as we needed toreflect the continuity within the building to the outdoor areas. Special consideration required us toembrace the spiritual senseswithin the areas around us so that these spacescould dictateits function. The likes of a semi secluded pond with its overpowering giant stone Buddha close to the main entrance generating a welcoming serene tranquiity as you pass by. Further along its footpath we positionedan elegant large bronze garden statuary fountain consisting of a large bowl adorned with female sculptures with water pumpedfrom the top of the fountainby a collective of lion heads.

Further along the southern side of the site we designed a large floating swimming poolnext to a jacuzzi and positioned them so that thebreath-taking viewsof the deepblue waters acrossThe Straits of Gibraltar to the African continent could be appreciated in its full entirety.

A fullymature garden was incorporated to create a sense of history, privacy, and beauty.

With its delightful aromasenriching the air, the birds singing, andthe soft vibration of the sea breezeonecould begin to understand the garden by bringing alive the sounds of nature and enhancement of colours that only Mother Nature herself could create.