Mixed Use

90 Devil’s Tower Road

Architectural Design
Current Stage:

90 Devil’s Tower Road Outline Proposal – Awaiting decision from the Development & Planning Commission.

The aim of this statement is to provide an insight of the intended pioneering vision for the redevelopment of this site from an unsightly workshop and bus depot along the up-and-coming Devil’s Tower Road, into the first truly inclusive and completely environmentally sensitive and sustainable high-rise development.

The location for this potential development lies within a prime plot, and forms the threshold gateway between rapidly transforming North District of Devil’s Tower Road and the proposed Eastside Reclamation Project. Due to the location, this development could be set to become an iconic beacon seen by those entering Gibraltar via the new access road from Spain, and equally along the main thoroughfares driving from north to south of Devil’s Tower Road and the Eastisde Project.

The design brief  set the objective to provide a mixed-use development which will house commercial premises along the lower levels and an inclusive mix of residential apartments above. From the onset, the clients have pushed for an architectural expression which will be aesthetically sensitive to the sites context, and which aims to set a new standard in design which could form Gibraltar’s unique and contemporary character and even leave a landmark which could form future heritage.